How To Braid The Back Of Your Head

Nov 13, 2014. A dutch braid trailing up the back of the head and ending in a messy bun is a new tutorial from the Upside Down Dutch Braid to Bun. This version, the. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Step 1 / Start by flipping the head over to work with the hair underneath.

waterfall braid picture tutorial. 1. Starting near your hairline, pick up three strands of hair, as if you're starting a French braid. 2. Cross the strand closest to the top of your head (1) over the middle section (2). 3. Cross the bottom section (3) over the new middle section (1). 4. Cross the new top section (2) over the new middle.

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8 New Ways to Braid Your Hair. Misty Spinney Jul 30, 2014. Gather three small sections at the top of your head and braid back from your temple towards your ear. 2.

Jan 29, 2014. An upside-down braid is a fun way to mix it up by reversing the direction of the classic style. We've broken it down into six easy steps that will leave you with a pretty braid that goes up the back of your head, instead of down it. The result is a braided updo that you can pretty much wear everywhere. Watch the.

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Step four: Now take the two braids and using bobby pins position them into a low bun. Step five: Drop out the fringe and split it at your part. Twist each strand and join both behind the head. Secure the hair with two bobby pins in an X to.

Prep your hair. Brush through your hair to get all the tangles out and make it soft, smooth, and ready to braid. For a single braid going down the back of your head.

To create a similar style, use molding gel to push back your hair. Effortless messy waves. a few plaits at the base of her pony before braiding the tail and twisting.

How to Braid Your Hair With Thread. Braiding your hair with thread, also called a hair wrap, is an easy way to add some temporary fun to your hair. All you need is.

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2. Create a center part mid-way down your head and make a three-strand braid at the crown on each side. Secure with a clear elastic after braiding half-way down. 3. Next, make a one-sided French braid on each side, starting at the.

10 Unconventional Ways to Style a Braid. Categories:. why not bring them back to beauty?. Make a pomp and pin it in the center of your head. Start braiding.

A braid (also referred to as a plait) is a complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands of flexible material such as textile yarns, wire.

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How to Get a Tight French Braid from #frenchbraid # hairtips # For starters, we created a loose French braid on the right side of the head. If that's the look you prefer or are normally going for, then great, but if you want tighter tidier French braids watch our video! To achieve a loose braid, hold your hands.

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Step 3 – Begin Braiding. Starting from the hair directly above your neck, being braiding. As you would with a French plait, add sections of hair to your braid as you move along, ensuring the braid stays compact and tight. Once you have reached near the ends of your hair, flip your head back up. upside down braid.

Growing your bangs out? Are they always getting in the way? Here are 13 different ways on how to wear your bangs.

Learn how to French braid hair by watching this video and following the simple directions. Gather a small section (of equal size to the one you just gathered) of the remaining hair on the left side of your head up and into the left section and cross that over the middle section. Finish at the bottom with a regular braid.

The first braid trails from the right side of the head, across the back of the head and ends in a side braid. While the other braid, traipsing across the forehead, wraps the opposite way meeting the first braid in the middle.

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. HairstylesPretty HairstylesHairdosMedium HairstylesUpdosHairstyle Ideas. FLOWER BRAID: Create this pretty half-up and half-down look with this tutorial. Start by gathering a section of hair from both sides of your head and pulling it into a small ponytail in the back. Braid this and then tug at sections to loosen it (this crea.

Jan 19, 2016. Then, flip your head upside down, take the bottom section of your hair that's not clipped, and do an upside-down French braid (or Dutch braid) starting at the nape of your neck. The key is to add hair underneath each section instead of over. Braid it all the way through, securing with an elastic. braiding.

Look fresh and fashionable with a practical and pretty bottom-up braid and bun. High buns have moved from the runway and ballet studio into the office and onto the college campus, but this easy-to-wear style can become day-to-day dull. French braiding your hair from the nape upward toward the crown of your head takes.

17 Gorgeous Boho Braids You Need in Your Life. Nothing beats the perfect messy braid. Continue braiding around your head until you’ve made it back.

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Mar 2, 2016. Wondering how to French braid your own hair? It's not as hard as it sounds.

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If you are new to self-braiding, one of the most difficult things to master is braiding the back of your head. It took me a while to really get the hang of it, but.

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You can braid down the back in a low, unsecured ponytail. This gives a more elegant classic braid and is more relaxed and unstructured. You can also start by making a ponytail in the middle or on top of your head. This will add stability to a back braid but is a more casual look. to Braid Your Own Hair. 3. Divide your hair into.

Feb 01, 2014  · 5 Non-Boring Ways To Braid Your Hair, Continue braiding all the way around your head until you have no more hair to braid and secure the ends. 5.

Why is everybody claiming something they shouldn’t? I know braids have been around for thousands of years. Don’t you think I know that?” “If I wanna wear a pineapple on my head, then I should be able to wear a pineapple on my head.

Los Angeles, Aug 17 (IANS) If "Bad bob" is in vogue nowadays, even braids are considered trendy by many. Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger chose to look cool by sporting braided hairdo on the red carpet. and.

Step 12 – Secure the end of your braid with an elastic. Step 13 – Repeat the above steps on the right side of your head. THE BIGGEST TIP ON GETTING TIGHT BRAIDS IS TO KEEP YOUR HANDS RIGHT AGAINST YOUR SCALP! For more tips and tricks on French braiding, be sure to check out our post on How to Get a.

Braiding with your hands completely behind your head, rather than to the side, is oddly different. Your hands move differently. Try it. Start with a braid in the back, then move it to the side. You'll notice you have to adjust your hands. It's hard to describe, but you'll know what I mean when you try it. Anyway, the next step is to.

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Begin braiding the sections in standard fashion toward the top of your head. Cross the left section (section closest to the front of your head) over the middle section and then cross the right section (section closest to the back of your head…

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How she did it: "Mix up the classic french braid by starting the braid at one side of your head and following an "S" shape. Once you’re done braiding you can add a.

Jul 24, 2017  · How to Braid Your Own Hair. A braid can add a fun. When doing a braid on the back of your head, Now thanks to wikiHow, I know how to do a french.

The art of French braiding enables you to create a variety of different hairstyles. If you have medium-length or longer hair, experiment with different French braid styles that incorporate all or a part of your hair. For a half updo, try French braiding your hair across the top of your head. The finished effect of your braided hair will.